Butter updates
Butter updates

Introducing: Butter Template Gallery πŸ€©πŸ’›




This is big! Huge actually!

Our community of expert facilitators have cooked up workshop agendas, icebreakers, flashcard decks, pump-up music playlists, brainstorming activities, and tons more. With the Butter Template Gallery, you can:

  • ✨ Get inspired by tried-and-tested templates and frameworks curated from expert facilitators
  • πŸŽ› Filter by template type, category, or duration
  • πŸ’› Copy templates and tools to your own personal Butter Library
  • ✏️ Edit the templates or add them to your Butter Rooms
  • πŸ€— Submit your own templates for a chance to be featured in the gallery

Check out the Butter Template Gallery here